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“Humans exist for one reason…to connect with each other!”

Founder of WhyDoParents.org, Inc

At least, this is how one parent puts it.  While we live in a time where “doing the right thing” becomes more and more difficult, this same parent claims to have identified the silver lining in the dark clouds of destruction and violence that appear to be looming on the horizon.

However, he did not come by this silver lining via faith, hope, spirituality, or even optimistic thinking.  The arguments and perspectives he shares are based on the strongest of foundations… logic, reason, and what is considered scientific fact.  To hear him speak you would think he was a physicist or at the very least a psychologist.  But the truth is that he is neither insofar as he is not officially recognized or affiliated with either field of study.  His knowledge base came the old fashion way…independent research and study for more than eight years.  There were formal classes taken along the way of course, but this person is not a PhD.  However, the work he has put into the last eight years may be equivalent to three PhD’s…and he has original works and research papers to prove it.

In particular, three of his papers stand out like a beacon of hope for today’s parents.  While none of them are easy reads, the information within these three documents are overwhelmingly simple…and seem to ring true for anybody who listens.  For those who don’t have the time nor the attention span to read through his works, he has thankfully boiled everything down to this…

“Humans exist for the sole purpose of connecting with each other.  Everything else is merely a byproduct of this fundamental truth.”

Now when he says that “everything” in life is secondary to making connections with others, he literally means EVERYTHING.  In fact, he appears to have an answer for everything.  But unlike other people who claim to have the answers, his claim is that the answers have always been there and have absolutely nothing to do with him.  He is quick to make clear that none of these ideas would qualify as his personal opinion or belief because all of his answers are supported by the laws of physics…which just happens to be the topic of the first paper in his trilogy of evidence.

Intersect Parallel Flow Chart

When asked about the relevance of physics, he said that “if humans exist in the physical realm, they too must adhere to all the physical laws that govern the behavior of everything else…right?  However, physicists are still yet to agree on one theoretical model for the universe. 

When I first learned of this it was extremely discouraging; but not because I cared about the laws of physics.  As humans, if we couldn’t agree even on the laws of physics, how in the world was I going to unify humanity?  Without a primary reference point from which every human can agree, communication becomes a pointless exercise of meaningless information.  Believe me, I never planned on becoming a theoretical physicist; but I didn’t feel as though I had a choice.  I couldn’t in good conscious continue with my attempts to explain human behavior until I had a way to explain our physical reality.  It was roughly a three year detour, but I knew that it had to be done for me to be effective.”

Effective seems to be a gross understatement.  Based on what he has planned in the near future, we may see a whole new meaning for the word efficiency.  While some may call it an obsession, efficiency appears to be his personal mantra.  Regardless of what it is or what you want to call it, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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