Ever wonder why parents do what they do?  Prepare to have all your questions answered once and for all.  Such is the purpose of this blog-site.

We invite our readers to ask difficult questions and to question everything we say.  Our only goal is to unveil the truth about parenting and the infinite amount of details that go along with the job.  We find that truth can only be approached by attacking it from all sides; therefore, please tell us what you think .  All we ask is for everyone to be 100% honest with their words.

  • Why do some parents spank their children?
  • Why do parents always think they know what’s best for their children?
  • Why is my dad so hard on me?
  • Why does my mom hate all my friends?

Whatever your question, we will have an answer; for there is comfort to find behind the explanations of why people behave the way they do.  Their may not be a solution, but their will always be a reason behind action or reaction in this world.

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place to raise children.  Tell your friends, enemies, and neighbors about us.  The truth does not always feel good…but at least its the truth.

WhyDoParents.org, Inc

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