Stop Resisting Change

Posted on December 19, 2011


Why do parents resist change when it comes to their children?

Inertia is a peculiar thing.  Energy in motion is resistant to change; so nobody should be surprised when change ruffles our feathers.  When it comes to our children, resistance to their incessant transitions is especially difficult for many parents to swallow.  What should we do about it?

Kids grow up fast…at least from the parents perspective.  As for the kids themselves, time seems to pass very slowly.  In reality, they grow up within a very specific timeframe.  At first, baby’s are completely vulnerable.  Then, a chain of events ensues and never slows down.  Rolling over…sitting up…crawling…walking…talking…reading…dating…etc…well, maybe not in that order, but it happens to everybody.

Parents need to first accept the laws of physics.  Second, they need to prepare to adjust to the inevitable changes that accompany life.  If you dwell on things that cannot happen then you will miss the beautiful things that will happen.  Baby’s will eventually walk and talk for the first time.  Then they grow up to do new things.  Sometimes they mess up, but sometimes they don’t.  Try not to miss any of it by waiting on the laws of physics to change.

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