Over-parenting Doesn’t Work

Posted on December 10, 2011


As our sensitivity increases, so too does our compassion and the capacity to experience all emotions.  Anger, frustration, anxiety, confidence, etc…it’s definitely the current trend in human evolution.  The question is what to do about this as it pertains to our children.

Emotions follow a different form of logic that closer aligns itself with the processes in nature.  With children, there will always require a line to be drawn between acceptable & unacceptable behavior.  It doesn’t matter where the line is drawn as much as your consistency in how you respond to crossing it.  Kids must test their boundaries…no matter what those boundaries are.  They are looking for clarity from you to help them understand exactly where their boundaries lie.

Remember, kids deal in truth…so talking to them only helps their understanding…but it doesn’t take away the emotions felt in that moment.  We are the same…when people tell us that we shouldn’t be upset, rarely (if ever) does it make the feeling instantly go away.

Kids need experience and pain to grow strong.  Protecting your kids from experiencing heartache only invites heartache later in life.  Teach them to manage emotions rather than not to have emotions…it works!

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